Although security at airports has always been tight, it has become more stringent round the world. Hence, SISS offers a full range of solutions to meet today’s airport security requirements.

Our solutions focus on equipment capable of: 
Detection and Identification of CBRN, Narcotics, Contraband, Explosive, and Automatic Detection. Screening such as Baggage Screening, Cargo Screening, High Speed EDS, Walkthroughs Gates,
Electro-Magnetic and X-ray passenger screening, and real time tomography. Bomb Disposal such as fixed or portable containment vessels

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection is a part of homeland security for any country. SISS is providing critical infrastructure protection through integrated security solutions for governmental organizations, ministries, as well as companies in the oil and gas, transportation, energy, water and sewage treatment, and communication industry.

Our integrated system includes the following subsystems and products:

Video  Surveillance and analytics, Access  Control, Alarm Systems, Sensors  (Fence detection, High frequency cable, Microwave barriers), Security  Gates, vehicle screening, Door Systems and Barriers, Land and  Maritime Tracking Software, etc

Ports and Border control

Cross-border smuggling, illegal immigrants and terrorist threats around the world forces authorities to monitor and control imports, exports, transit traffic and people across all borders and ports to maintain homeland security.

SISS provides world class technologies that assure safe borders and controlled ports through:
Land Surveillance, Coastal Surveillance, Airborne Surveillance, Sea Ports terminal and Land border crossing

Law Enforcement & Military

Our expertise and strategic partnerships with international suppliers allows us to utilize our wide range of technology, products, and services to create a customized solution for law enforcement military agencies.

Hence, our wide range of products can also be customized in order to meet customer requirements to include but not limited to: Weapons and Ammunition, Tactical Equipment, EOD/IEDD, CBRN, K9, Advance Patrol Vehicle


Generating accurate intelligence is more than buying multiple systems, it is understanding the interconnects and flows of data. SISS team has built and delivered integrated solutions and fusion centers using this overarching perspective with a flexible, secure, and modular approach, integrating radars, cameras, communication monitoring, drones into covert operation cars, sending all live merge data in real-time to the mobile C2 system.

Civil Defense

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of Civil Defense, SISS can offer all necessary equipment. Moreover, we recognize the vulnerabilities and hazards that can originate from natural disasters, terrorism and industrial complications due to Toxic Industrial Chemical (TIC).

Hence, SISS offer the safest and most advance equipment for Civil Defense such as: Firefighting and Transport Vehicle, Personal Protective Equipment (boots, gloves, masks, helmets, suits, and breathing equipment), Communication and Health monitoring equipment.