Covert Surveillance Vehicle

Vehicles that do not attract attention and easily bendable in the city. Such vehicles can come in covert sedan style with different types of recording and monitoring equipment as well as in van configuration.

Mobile Command and Control Vehicle

A vehicle that can be positioned in the field in order to conduct manage and control several sensors situated in tactical and strategical locations.

K9 Vehicle

After careful study and research we have developed several types of K9 vehiclesranging from SUV options capable to hold two K9 dog to larger options like Vansable to accommodate up to eight K9

Military Trailer

Trailer fully customized to be implemented in the most challenged location.

X-ray Vehicle or Trailer

Vehicle or trailer fully equipped with an X-ray and a control station allowing the possibility to dispatch a personnel and luggage screening solution at a moment’s notice.

Armored Vehicle

Our range of Armored Vehicles range from armored civilian cars to Armored Personnel Carriers (APC). Hence, the level of armoring we offer varies according to client requirements.

EOD Vehicle

A vehicle with all the necessary equipment to conduct an EOD / IEDD mission.


A variety of vehicle ranging from equipment and personnel carriers, mobile lab, and decontamination equipment vehicles are available based on customer requirements and needs.


The E-series is available in two     versions, NVR and Hybrid, to provide the ability to typically connect up to 32 network cameras (IP only) or 16 network cameras and 16 analogue cameras (Hybrid) per standalone unit.


Desktop tower NVRs designed to offer a robust and reliable recording solution for typically 48 network cameras per standalone unit.


V-series NVRs deliver a robust-and reliable management and storage solution with the ability to typically connect 128 network cameras per standalone unit and come HyperRAID and Ecostore ready.


X-Series NVRS are suitable for enterprise projects that demand the highest standards of security. With the ability to connect up to 254 network cameras per unit, they are HyperRAID and EcoStore ready.