SISS offers the highest security equipment rental quality equipment at the most competitive pricing for all types of event sizes. We offer:

Walkthrough Metal Detectors.
Handheld Metal Detectors.
Equipment Transport Services.

Vehicle Customisation

We know that each client has particular needs for their mission and consequently we are proud to say that we have developed and customized in the hundreds of vehicles over the years to satisfied clients by taking in consideration their specific requirements. Our vehicle range varies from small electric golf carts to trucks.

EOD Vehicle.
CBRN Vehicle.
Advance Patrol Vehicle.
Covert Surveillance Vehicle.
Mobile Command and Control Vehicle.

Cargo Screening services

Whether it is one port of entry or several ones, SISS delivers the best in class screening solutions. We offer the full screening equipment solution, the maintenance of the equipment, the tracking and handling of cargo, the operational training, and the integration of data into one or several command and control centers.

Maintenance & Training

SISS offers maintenance on equipment supplied by us as well as equipment acquired from third party supplier.
Moreover, we have a large variety of training curriculum designed towards building real-world response capability rather than just teaching how to use protective equipment or showing PowerPoint slides such as:

Equipment Training
Tactical & Operational Training (bronze and silver level)
EOD Training
CBRN / Hazmat Training